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Yan Blais / Talent Acquisition Partner at L’Atelier Animation

Yan Blais Talent Acquisition Partner at L’Atelier Animation . Linkedin Link What are the things a candidate should do right before the interview? First, wash his/her hands… Just kidding! Read about the company you’re applying for, research the employees and recruiters on Linkedin, have questions about the company prepared. This last one is quite important, asking about the company values

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Brandon-Midge Innocent / UQAT

Brandon-Midge Innocent 3D Animator / UQAT Linkedin Vimeo Link Why have you decided to choose this field? At first, when I had to choose for a career option, I wanted to go into computer programming. I had a class in which we were making games using Flash Action script 2.0 and I actually really enjoyed it. Starting from then, I

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Mathieu Prezelin / Lead Matchmove

Mathieu Prezelin Lead Matchmove . Linkedin Imdb How / where did you learn what you know? Self-taught? School? I have spent 3 years at ESMI school (Bordeaux, France), where I learned all the basics of 3D. After this school I had everything to work in any field of the 3D world and I began with Lighting, Rendering, Motion Design and

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