Brandon-Midge Innocent / UQAT

Brandon-Midge Innocent

3D Animator / UQAT

Why have you decided to choose this field?

At first, when I had to choose for a career option, I wanted to go into computer programming. I had a class in which we were making games using Flash Action script 2.0 and I actually really enjoyed it. Starting from then, I knew I wanted to go in a field where I would have to make creative content using a computer, like programming games. I wanted to go in computer science in college, but I needed two classes if I wanted to be eligible for this program, which was chemistry and physics. I unfortunately couldn’t get those classes since I didn’t have the required notes to get them. I then started to look for something else that was related to video games when I found out for the first time about 3D Animation. By making some more research, I fell upon a program in Collège de Bois-de-Boulogne in Montreal which offered a video games program. When I entered the program, that’s when I knew this was what I wanted to do for a living.

Why did you choose to go in a particular field? (Lighting, FX, Rigging, etc.) How did you discover it?

I chose to be an animator because since I was a kid, I’ve always had something for good animation movies. I’ve always been watching Pixar, DreamWorks and many more company’s animated films. Growing up, I also used to watch Japanese anime and I was really amazed by how the characters were moving, especially in the fighting scenes! Until today, I still watch many animated films and series because that’s something I will always like to do.

What was your funniest moment?

I’ve had a lot of great moments during my academic background and I will keep them all in my memories forever, but there is one that actually was pretty funny to me. For a school project we had to shoot a live short film and we decided to make a kind of horror movie which was taking place in the deep woods. We decided to take a full weekend to go to one of my friend’s cottage that was located in the north of Quebec. Since we had to shoot outside in the woods and we had some night scenes in our scenario, we decided to install a campfire to keep us warm between the shots (it was pretty cold outside). So we started shooting and everything was fine, but later on it started raining and the fire kept extinguishing. At the same time, we had to film our shots before the sunrise, take care of the fire so we wouldn’t die of cold and all that because we were leaving back to Montreal next morning. At the end it took us a big part of the night to film our shots, which was supposed to take a few hours to do. It was a pretty fun experience to me since it was my very first time going to a cottage and camping outside.

How do you prepare for an interview?

When I know I’m going to have in interview, I always make sure that I know about the company I’m applying for. I’ll look for information on their website, such as their latest projects, their vision as a company, where are they located, which clients did they work for and more! I’ll also get prepared to talk a little bit about myself and my projects. I also always prepared for the typical interview questions like “What are my best qualities?”, “Why should they choose me instead of someone else?” and “What are my biggest flaws” but at the end I always make sure to enjoy my interviews because I don’t see it as something really stressful, for me it’s more like a positive experience where I can learn more and get to interact with people in the industry.

What did you do in your final work and what challenges did you face? What did go really well?

For my final Bachelor work, I had to make a short movie with a team. We were 7 people and we all had different positions. As for me, I was in charge of rigging the main character as well as all the objects that it would interact with. It took me a couple of weeks to finish all the rigs. When the rigging was done, I also had to take care of the animation. So basically, I would animate every single movable character or object in our 5 minutes long movie. It was quite a big task that I had to do, but it wasn’t enough to discourage me. I took the challenge and started animating 7 days a week so I could reach my deadlines. It was quite hard to reach all my deadlines, but I still made it in time. The biggest challenge for me in this project was the fact that it was for me the very first time I had to work on such a big project and it was a really fun experience to me. I learned a lot through this project such as news ways to animate with efficiency and I also acquired a lot of communication skills for a better teamwork environment.

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