Laurent Bernier / Breaking Walls

Laurent Bernier Creative Director at Breaking Walls Linkedin Link Youtube Facebook What differentiate your company from others? At Breaking Walls, we differentiate ourselves through our focus on immersive, visually stunning experiences. We are always looking to come at ideas with a creative perspective to give our projects a unique twist. Why did you start a company? We wanted to work

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Alexandre Martel / 3Mind Games

Alexandre Martel 3Mind Games Co-Founder . Linkedin Icon-home Facebook Linkedin What differentiate your company from others? It’s a hard one to answer, when we hire some people, we try to hire people that can fit with the other employees so we can have a big family by then end. So far, we’ve been good at it and it’s always fun

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Arnaud Contri / Norsfell

Arnaud Contri Co-Founder/Art Director at Norsfell . Linkedin Youtube Steam Facebook Link What is your expertise? My main background is in illustration, then I explored pretty much all of the aspects of video game production. Starting as a small team, I had to produce very different types of assets such as particle systems and shaders. Today, it gives me the

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Marc Morissette / Cluster Films

Marc Morissette Owner / Cluster Films . Linkedin Imdb Icon-home1 Why did you start a company? Well, I wanted to move more into directing. With my knowledge of Visual effects and post-production, I wanted to mix all of that into the best key in-hand service. Also, to be really honest, one of the things that led me to start CLUSTER

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