Alexandre Martel / 3Mind Games

Alexandre Martel 3Mind Games Co-Founder . Linkedin Icon-home Facebook Linkedin What differentiate your company from others? It’s a hard one to answer, when we hire some people, we try to hire people that can fit with the other employees so we can have a big family by then end. So far, we’ve been good at it and it’s always fun

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Arnaud Contri / Norsfell

Arnaud Contri Co-Founder/Art Director at Norsfell . Linkedin Youtube Steam Facebook Link What is your expertise? My main background is in illustration, then I explored pretty much all of the aspects of video game production. Starting as a small team, I had to produce very different types of assets such as particle systems and shaders. Today, it gives me the

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Marc Morissette / Cluster Films

Marc Morissette Owner / Cluster Films . Linkedin Imdb Icon-home1 Why did you start a company? Well, I wanted to move more into directing. With my knowledge of Visual effects and post-production, I wanted to mix all of that into the best key in-hand service. Also, to be really honest, one of the things that led me to start CLUSTER

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Marieve Pilon
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