Brandon-Midge Innocent / UQAT

Brandon-Midge Innocent 3D Animator / UQAT Linkedin Vimeo Link Why have you decided to choose this field? At first, when I had to choose for a career option, I wanted to go into computer programming. I had a class in which we were making games using Flash Action script 2.0 and I actually really enjoyed it. Starting from then, I

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Gabriel Cloutier / UQAT

Gabriel Cloutier FX Artist – UQAT . Linkedin Vimeo Icon-home1 Were you scared or nervous about your first interview? What did you do to overcome this fear? Of course! The only interviews I’ve ever had before my first one with the industry was an interview practice in college and one for my summer job. Nothing as stressful or intimidating as

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Marieve Pilon
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