Gabriel Cloutier / UQAT

Gabriel Cloutier

FX Artist – UQAT


Were you scared or nervous about your first interview? What did you do to overcome this fear?

Of course! The only interviews I’ve ever had before my first one with the industry was an interview practice in college and one for my summer job. Nothing as stressful or intimidating as my first interview in the industry. The hardest thing was, I had no idea what to expect. Was it going to be super weird questions (what type of ice cream are you ? What breed of dog are you ?) or was it more going to be like a relaxed conversation with a potential employer? I had no idea, and it scared me a lot.

I overcame my fear and stress in two ways.

One, by building a document with frequently asked interview questions found in articles; Answer all the questions in a “bullet point” format and then recite those answers out loud while doing something else. The goal is to get an idea of what to say, how to say it, and be sure to have the correct tone.

Two, by having a longtime friend, who knows me well so he/she can help me find my strengths and weaknesses. As a junior and young man, with little to no relevant work experience in the industry, it was hard to come up with these qualities and faults. Having my friend help me with this gave me the outside point of view I needed.

Turns out, none of the questions I practiced for ended up being asked, which kind of sucked, to be honest, but the exercise helped build my confidence and prepare me mentally.

Why did you choose to go into this particular field? How did you discover it?

FX for me was a very logical department to go into. Being the curious guy that I am, I was always fascinated by the world around me. Gazing at the clouds, looking at a waterfall, or analyzing a fire’s shape and movement. FX is the perfect department for that. Recreating the world’s greatest physical phenomenons, or creating new effects from scratch fills me with a sense of creating nature that can be very satisfying.

How did a teacher positively influence you?

I had plenty of great teachers. But two stand out from the rest. One is a lecturer, Houdini specialist who transferred his passion for FX work to me. I remember having “Eureka” moments with him when he would explain to me something where everything *clicks*. He is a big reason why I love what I do so much and I can’t thank him enough.
The other one was almost like a supportive cool uncle. Plenty of experience, chill, relaxed, and knows his stuff. He helped me and all the other students with advice and answers for technical questions well after I graduated. Without him, I wouldn’t have pushed my projects as far and the motivation to do so would have not been there.
That’s why going to university was so worth it to me. Learning online, as much as I did it to get better, doesn’t give you that human connection that sometimes just gives that pat in the back and makes you keep going.

If I was a recruiter, why would I hire you?

Excluding technical knowledge, I am convinced I can be a good hire for any company that’s looking for a junior who’s willing to push his knowledge further. Who’s ready to learn from the seniors in his team. Who can listen to feedback and never take things personally, something I believe juniors often struggle with.

I am also a very curious person, always looking for new knowledge and learning anything I can. This makes me very eager to ask questions, both to google and to professionals. I’m curious about good practices, how things are done, the correct way, how things work, why they work that way, etc. This also makes me on the constant lookout for ways to improve my projects. How can I push the quality even further? What would a pro do? How can I make this shader or lighting better, how can this effect be more realistic?

What are you expecting from your first employer?

A good first employer would, in my mind, be someone (a company or a lead) who helps you learn. Is not there to bash your work, but to help you get better. Who gives you opportunities to prove yourself. Is there to answers questions, technical or otherwise. And of course to pay a livable wage, with good hours and benefits.

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