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WildBrain is looking for experienced Lead Animators!

In this role, you will be directly responsible for contributing to the artistic output, operations and overall functioning of the animation department. You will acheive this by evaluating, implementing and supervising process, workflow and technical infrastructure on the team, working with Animation Directors to set and maintain standards throughout the production. Mentoring, training and development of the Animation team will be critical to acheiving this!

These roles are set to being in March 2021.

We are currently working virtually because of the Covid-19 pandemic. During this time our hiring teams are ready to support interviews via video conferencing, and we are enabling artists to work from home until the studio can reopen. We’d love to hear from you! #stayhomestaysafe!


Oversee and assist in training the Animation Team on an ongoing basis both technically and creatively

Communicate and set expectations for the Animation Team to ensure on-time delivery

Ensure and maintain the quality, style, and continuity of animation across the show

Review the work of each Animator on a regular basis and approve shots for submission to the Director

Conduct model and rig testing to ensure rigs are production ready

Create show-specific cycles/poses

Create and rig proxy models as needed, proxy FX for timing, and proxy lighting for lighting reference

Conduct range of motion tests for all new character builds

Complete assigned animation within scheduled timeframe

Liaise with Design, Modelling, Lighting and FX to ensure delivery of dependent assets

Identify gaps that may exist on assigned episodes and implement solutions

Identify potential risks or issues and work on a mitigation strategy

Create setup files for assigned team, ensuring scene continuity is maintained

Revise and maintain show continuity list

Conduct quality control of all assets

Assist in the development of any specialized assets as needed

Create layout scenes containing all relevant assets to test show-specific lighting scenarios

Determine and understand the needs, interests, strengths and weaknesses of the Animation Team and provide constructive criticism and guidance that will help further their career development

Be a positive and creative force on the team

Partner with management to guide artists’ overall professional development by providing performance feedback, mentoring, assisting with resolving performance issues and maintaining positive morale among the team

Foster and enable communication and collaboration across departments


2+ years of experience as a Senior or Lead Animator in the animation industry

Proficient in 3D animation packages

Strong understanding of key-framed animation development processes, limitations and dependencies

A strong understanding of basic human kinetics and basic real world physics

Understanding of rigging and modelling

Thorough understanding of animation principles

Strong understanding of cinematic storytelling principles and techniques

Strong leadership, management, and organizational skills

Excellent team player with strong interpersonal skills

Ability to effectively give direction and communicate storytelling

Ability to set priorities for yourself and others, as well as manage the progress of work

Proactive work ethic, capable problem solver with the ability to implement solutions

Ability to multitask, prioritize and manage time efficiently

Ability to communicate in a professional and positive manner

Ability to adapt to multiple animation styles

Must be open to direction and able to embrace change


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