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What is the expected behavior a candidate should have during the interview?
  • Be prepared – Learn about the company, and fully understand the position you’re applying for and what is required of you.
  • Be honest and truthful – Answer the questions to the best of your knowledge and based on your experience.
  • Remain calm – Even if you are surprised with the number of interview attendees …
  • Be curious – Ask questions and express your interest in the job and company.
What are the essentials to put on the demo reel?

You should always start off strong in your demo reel by showcasing your best work (that you are truly proud of!). Include details of what you did in the shots, and softwares that were used.  We also suggest adjusting your reel for the position you are applying for. Seeing as we specialize in 3D animation, we invite you to focus on key skills and requirements that are particular to it.

For example, for the role of animator, we are looking for candidates who are experienced with Maya and keyframe animation. The Animation Supervisor will pay particular attention to the quality of the animation: acting, pose to pose, cycle, polishing, etc. These are the details to include in your reel.

"keep your demo reel short and sweet!"

What are the things applicants should avoid putting on their reels?

As a rule of thumb, we recommend to not include work that you aren’t satisfied with or genuinely proud of. This will better help highlight your potential and strengths! Also, keep your demo reel short and sweet! (preferably less than two minutes as to keep our attention). You can simply add a note that more work can be provided upon request if necessary.

What are the most important points to look for before applying for a position?

First, ask yourself what you look to accomplish in the role that you are applying for, more specifically in the context of a 3D animation environment. Then, carefully read the job description for your potential role in detail and see if it aligns with you. By learning about the studio and projects, you will know better if that fits what you are looking for. If you know a friend or colleague already worked here or knows the company, do not hesitate to ask them more details to have better tips.

When should the candidate talk about salary?

There is no better time to discuss it, but it is inevitable that it will happen. For us, the salary is not taboo. The only thing to avoid is to ask the recruiter for their salary range. The best is to do your research on the wages offered in the industry, by province and level of role. It remains an open discussion and without embarrassment with the recruiter. Our role is to guide you while remaining transparent.

What would be the best advice for a freshly graduated candidate?

After several discussions with students, we realize that the majority are looking for generalist entry-level positions. In our studio, we seek for more specialist artists. We recommend you ask yourself which specialty interests you most in 3D animation and then, adjust your application around this specialty. Obviously, you can have more than one interest.

Before an interview, practice answering various questions. If you have a trusted friend, host a role-play to improve your confidence. Keep in mind that the interview is just a relaxed conversation to know more about you.

If your student films were created with peers, make sure to explain in your demo reel the breakdown of the shots you worked on.

"The tricky part is to find the main entrance of the Reel FX building and then, the office."
Under which circumstances are you looking for a foreign candidate?

Although we are always looking for foreign candidates, we mainly focus on recruiting people locally. But in the circumstances that there are not enough remaining resources for all the studios in Canada, we don’t have the choice to look for foreign candidates. Across our three locations, Reel FX has over thirty countries represented by its diverse team, and we continue to support candidates with their immigration and relocation process.

Why is the LinkedIn profile important?

I prefer going to the candidate’s LinkedIn profile to have more information on their background. With experience, we noticed that experienced artists detail their LinkedIn Profile better than their resume. In fact, you can add a lot of information on your LinkedIn profile, which helps the recruiter and even the hiring manager learn more about the candidates and being able to qualify them. Examples of what can be added: Demo reel, pictures of the project, portfolio, trailers, your detailed work experiences including dates of employment and on which project you worked during this time.

What are the things a candidate should do right before the interview?

Once you are prepared for the interview, the tricky part is to find the main entrance of the Reel FX building and then, the office. That’s why we recommend you arrive earlier. Our best tips are to turn off your phone, dress up casually but clean and avoid distraction such as phone notifications. If you are stressed, take the time to breathe and relax before the interview.

What are the special things/ activities you organize to make the work environment pleasant for everyone?

We have a social committee composed of employed members who come up with different activity suggestions. We organized office parties during the Holidays, the Summer, etc. We pay particular attention to birthdays and work anniversaries. We have Happy Hour, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Easter activities, games, and contests. In addition, we have a lounge setup to play baby foot, Ping-Pong, and video games. We also have a Barista Café Bar and a micro-market to satisfy your small cravings.

Question recruiters like to ask?

What makes you, you? In other words, who are you outside of work? What interests us is knowing not only your skills and qualifications, but also who you are beyond your profession. It is always interesting to know a little more about you, what you like or are passionate about. Essentially, this is an opportunity to see if your values align with ours.

What answers should we avoid during an interview?

There are no wrong answers to any question during an interview. We want to know more on what you need to improve and being self-aware of your perceived faults is a good way to show how you reflect on your work. Being transparent, honest, and authentic, that's what matters to us.

"We take care of the candidate from the moment of application until the end of the recruitment process"

The most important thing we would take care of: Reel FX Candidate’s experience

We take care of the candidate from the moment of application until the end of the recruitment process. We pay particular attention to the experience that we want to offer. Regardless of the decision made after an interview, we provide feedback to all applicants.

During interviews, candidates do not always think about asking all their questions, or simply forget a few (which is normal!). We recommend that you do not hesitate to contact us if you need additional information, even after the interview. All questions are welcome, even by email after the interview.

We also enjoy giving a studio tour to present our gorgeous workspace! 


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