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  • NO! You don’t have to enter your jobs manually. Everything’s done on our end. All you have to do, is post your jobs on your website and we’ll do the rest for you.
  • YES! One price only 49,95 / month. No matter how many jobs you have! 🙂
  • YES!  The jobs will link directly to your site or to your job manager (Jobvite, etc.). But if you want,  you can manage your applications directly within 3DQub!


Founded by visual effects veteran Daniel Belair, 3DQub is different from all the other job boards you can find out there. How?

  • We’re working together to help you find the right candidates. You are not just posting and waiting until someone finds your jobs. We’re maximizing your chances to find your next rock star.
  • We’re mixing relevant news and job postings on our website, social media, and newsletter. That way, people not actively looking for a change can see your jobs and finally make the move. 
  • We’re attracting potential candidates not only with the job board but also with relevant and interesting interviews from company owners and industry experts.
  • We’re also connected with schools and promoting 3DQub to students and teachers. We’re even interviewing students to help them find their dream jobs!
  • We’re connecting VFX and game artists with relevant tutorials and news. With the arrival of virtual productions, VFX companies are now looking for real-time artists and game companies want to push the boundaries with VFX artists.
  • We’re also interviewing HR, like you, to help students and artists understand how it works at your company.
  • We’re are not only attracting potential candidates, but we can also help you find the right ones. 

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If you want to place an ad on, it’s very easy. We have several options like side banners and full sections. You have something specific or different in mind? No problem, we are open! All you need to do is to get in touch marieve[at] and we’ll be happy schedule a call or a Zoom chat, so don’t hesitate!



  • 30 Days Membership
  • Unlimited job posting
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  • Download Resume
  • Job displayed for 30 days
  • Post job with Cover Image field
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One package, One Price! Unlimited jobs!


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