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What are the things a candidate should do right before the interview?

Be prepared:

➔ Know who will be conducting the interview and look for them on LinkedIn or see if they are on the company website.
➔ Look at the company website / know the projects they worked on.
➔ Look at the company REEL.

What is the expected behavior that a candidate should have during an interview?

Preparation is key. A candidate should be ready to speak in detail about their REEL and the work they’ve done at other studios.
I always recommend being informed about the company you are applying for. Find out what their specialty is, their vision, vibe, etc.
I personally like to ask a candidate why they are applying for the position and why they see themselves as a good fit in the company.
Otherwise, everything is in the attitude. It’s not the time to be shy! This really is just a conversation to genuinely get to know you. Ask questions and make yourself memorable!

What are the essentials to include in your demo reel?

Everything you are proud of: your very own hero shots!
This includes personal projects – a true demonstration of your passion for the work. This is especially important for juniors; if you don’t have a lot of content, include something extra that is not related to school work.

Don’t forget to include a description of what YOU have done in the shots. Be concise but specific.

What should applicants avoid putting in their reel?

The just okay shots. Work that is not completely finished or that you are not really proud of.
It’s not the quantity that is important here, but the quality.
Try to keep it between 1-3 minutes long, otherwise it’s just too long. If we need to see extra work, we’ll ask for it!!

What is the last tutorial you’ve listened to and why it helped you become a better artist?

Most of the time, we are not looking for specific points.
Of course, if you are a junior who is applying for a senior position, it might not be a good technical fit at the particular time. Take the time to read the job description to find out what the company is looking for specifically (technical skills, software knowledge, experience, etc.)

Everyone is different and that is the way we like it. We’re more so looking for someone who fits with the rest of the team and company in a general way.

Can you describe the most pleasant interview you’re done?

A pleasant interview usually involves someone who has a good vibe and who is happy to share their work!

When someone answers your questions with a lot of detail. At the end of the day, we’re looking to have a nice conversation with you.

I also recommend that you prepare some questions from your end. We’re always happy to discuss with you, and this shows us you’re really interested in the company and position.

What is the weirdest thing you’ve seen in an interview?

One time, someone brought donuts to their interview. Good move, I mean who doesn’t like donuts! But I must admit it was weird to eat during the interview! Conclusion: bring something easier to eat, like chocolate ;).

In all seriousness, I’ve met with a lot of different personalities and it’s perfect like that! I’ve done a ton more good interviews than weird, however there have been some that left me puzzled.

It’s great (and recommended!) to be confident in an interview. You should be proud of your work and eager to show it. Please, however, don’t come to the interview with an attitude! Take the time to listen to the questions and be present in the moment.
Active listening is really important, it can be disappointing when a candidate doesn’t answer the question and it must be asked again.
Also, don’t be monosyllabic. Artists tend to be introverted, but your interview is the time for us to get to know you and your work. Talk about yourself and engage in the conversation!

When should the candidate talk about salary?

I would recommend to wait until you are asked about it. Personally, I like to ask candidates to let me know their expected salary via email following the interview. I find this best to avoid any discomfort in the room.

What is the best advice for a freshly graduated candidate?

Include personal work in your reel! I know this can be a hard and competitive industry and what makes you stand out is your REEL.

Under which circumstances are you looking for a foreign candidate?

We do so for really senior positions only. An individual we know will bring something unique to the table (ex: knowledge, experience, technical skills, etc.).

Do you need a cover letter? Or a pdf resume?

A PDF resume, yes! It’s always important to see where an artist is coming from. A really unique cover letter is appreciated, but a small introduction/blurb within your resume works really well. I would recommend that instead!

What are the special things/activities you organize to make the work environment pleasant for everyone?

Hard to answer given the current Covid-19 protocols, but last week we did a Zoom quiz for the team and also organized a Q&A with management.

Under normal circumstance we have Friday morning croissants and weekly happy hour! We have a wrap party when a project ends, an annual team-building day (basically a fun day out of the office!), and our tradition of Christmas brunch is always a hit…

Let’s not forget… we have the best coffee machine in town!

We have an awesome team who regularly organizes special events and activities on their own, which is always so great to see and participate in!


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